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Our Story

bee Hippy is a family owned and operated business founded on the principle of providing the highest quality hemp products at the lowest prices. We know what it means to experience difficult times, to take care of a sick loved one, and our commitment to helping is genuine. Everyone deserves to bee Hippy and here's why we're dedicated to helping those that need it most.             

- Chris Fagan, Co-Founder and CEO of bee hippy Hemp 

Why We Started bee Hippy 

Every brand has a story.  Some simple, others more complex ~ the bee Hippy story isn’t so simple.  It started 40 years ago when an up and coming lead singer of a rock band had to trade in a mic stand for a baby swing. This young, but tenacious mom, now married with two kids, had to make the necessary sacrifices as many mom’s did in 1980’s - she worked full-time while her husband worked as a roughneck in the booming Oklahoma oil fields.  Life was good for a bit until an oil rig accident put this young father in the hospital after he was hit in the back with a drilling pipe.  Six months later, and a pile of medical bills, this family is in a financial tailspin.  Throw in the oil bust of 1986 and the subsequent recession in 1987, and this family was officially bankrupt, for the first time... not so Hippy yet, but we’re getting there. 

Life moved on, the kids now 8 and 11, and parents 29 and 33, found themselves living in rural Arkansas where the equally tenacious dad had reinvented himself as the founder and president of a family owned and operated granite and marble company. But the struggles continued and after two and half years of this venture, the dad now 35, started complaining of various pains and breathing problems. After a series of misdiagnosis from the family doctor, everything from you have bronchitis to “you’re just experiencing an allergic reaction from a recent bee sting”, it was later revealed via a shoulder x-ray that this man’s body was covered in cancer. One year after being misdiagnosed, cancer had spread literally from head to toe.  6 weeks after diagnosis, Chuck Fagan, passed away at age 36. The mom, now 33, found herself widowed with 12 and 16 year old children, and soon to be bankrupt for a second time after being burdened with a second round of hospital bills and a business nobody knew how to run.  The 90’s we’re looking to be more difficult than the 80’s, but this is where the story takes an unexpected positive turn.

Life pressures can turn you into coal dust, or a diamond, and in this case a diamond. The family moved back to Enid, OK and in with some family friends for a bit, but soon resettled in an apartment while living off meek social security benefits.  With limited options, this widowed mom of 2 decides, while working two part-time jobs mind you, to enroll herself in college as a full-time student, motivated by the frustrations she personally experienced in the healthcare system, and specifically her husband's untimely death at 36 - which was no doubt a combination of medical mistakes coupled with preventable lifestyle choices, she was determined to persevere. At the age of 37, she went on to graduate from Northern Oklahoma College at the top of her class with an associates Degree in Nursing (Magna Cum Laude). She then graduates with Honors from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, and soon specializes in Oncology and becomes an Oncology Certified Nurse, and serves as lead OCN nurse in a private practice for over 17 years, before serving as the Oncology Nurse Coordinator for the Integris Cancer Institute in Enid, OK. Her name is Maggie Skinner, and she’s my mom.

Unified by a vision to provide the HIGHEST QUALITY hemp products at the most AFFORDABLE prices, bee Hippy Hemp was born.  We recognize that many customers wanting to take hemp cannabis products may be on existing medications, and possibly even chemotherapy, and need to have access to the highest quality hemp products in the market. In addition, we empathize that the customers who need access to these products the most are often on a limited budget, and overburdened with prescription co-pays, and thus need a way to access the highest quality hemp products at the best prices.   

We’re able to offer the lowest prices in the market because we’re a vertically aligned operation all the way from soil to hemp oil. All formulas are expertly formulated in-house and designed to provide maximum symptom relief.  Our entire family takes our hemp products, including our furry friends. Rest assured you’re buying a quality, consistent product. Guaranteed.